Where I’m From

I have been battling illness for the last five days.  My body couldn’t decide if it wanted to be a head cold, chest cold, stomach bug, or sinus infection.  I was wiped out for the count.  I am slowly coming back to life.

Needless to say, my writing has been set by the wayside.  So I was looking back through some old articles that I had and I came across a fun poem that I wrote about four years ago.  I can’t remember ever having so much fun doing an article.

coconut palms on crandon beach
Crandon Park – many fun memories

This is a poem about “I Am From,” it doesn’t have to rhyme but just flow, telling about your life.  There are hidden treasures inside of each word for there are many stories hidden in them.

So just for fun – a little something about me:


I am from military roads heavily traveled with tents along the way.
I am from being finally planted in a pink house with tents packed away.
I am from sandy beaches with seashells and a lovely ocean breeze and many fans in the window to catch that breeze.
I’m from clotheslines and watermelon patches with lots of dancing lizards and creepy cockroaches jumping on me
I ‘m from open carports with lawn-chairs and time for dreaming. I am from summer water battles, Olympics and hide-n-go-seek.

I am from “yes sir” and “no sir” and will it break your jaw to say “please.”
I’m from church three times a week and worship with my voice only.
I’m from KJV Bibles and girls wear dresses.
I am from 21-gun salutes on the first day of school. I’m from truly walking two miles to school with fun friends and don’t step on your mother’s back.
I’m from early to bed and early to rise – yep, that will make you healthy, wealthy and wise.

I’m from Papa who knew how to love and praise you.
I’m from bunnies and cages and carvings of love – no summer without a wooden slingshot.
I’m from rides in the car to hear all his stories and finish it off with a bowl of strawberry ice cream.
I am from waking up and seeing my Papa and Mama on their knees and reading their Bibles and praying for me.

I’m from good ole Southern fried chicken with cornbread and beans.
I’m from waiting for ships to bring in the shrimp and sitting by the fire to roast marshmallows.
I’m from “Old Maid” to “Spades” and grilled hamburgers on the Beach waiting for the moon to rise over Miami.
I’m from Nehi orange sodas and 5-cent candy bars for a once-in-a-while treat.
I’m from the good ole days and Jesus Loves Me.

– Jan Hardesty

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