The Stump

Treasures.  I have many treasures in my life.  Many of these treasures, they cannot be seen.


Because they are hidden away in my heart.  Little nuggets that the Heavenly Father has given to me over the years of my life.  I am truly blessed.

18309393 - a new beginning - regrowth

Today, I found another treasure hidden away in the book of Isaiah:

“. . .it will be like a fallen oak or terebinth tree when it is felled’ the stump still lives to grow again.  Now, the “stump” is the holy seed.”

Isaiah 6:13

Life is within the stump.  We have many oak trees in our yard.  There were several that were dead and needed to be cut down.  So now, we have several “stumps” in our yard.  But within these stumps, you will still find life.  Branches start forming and sprouting up, as if breathing, “I am still here!”

The stump is the holy seed.  God will always have a remnant of His people, even in a time of judgment.

Today, true believers have the “holy seed” of Christ within them.  Life still remains.

Remember, there will always be life within the stump.

My Song:  There is life within me.  There is a holy seed within me.  Christ lives in me through the Holy Spirit.  No matter what surrounds you, always remember, there will always be a remnant of God’s people – with hearts beating as one with His.  Be a life giver today.

Life Song


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