His Loving Presence

Have you discovered living in the loving presence of the Heavenly Father?  O, you would definitely recognize it!  Some run from it – just the mere beginnings of what the Heavenly Father has to offer.  And yet, there are those who started out by dipping their toes into the river of His love and now they bask in the deep waters of that blessed Presence.

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In my studies of Isaiah, I came across a scripture today that touched deep down to my soul:  Isaiah 8:6

“Because these people have rejected the gentle flowing stream of my loving presence. . .”

This is from the Passion Translation.  I love how the words flow in this translation.

What has happened in this chapter 8 – the people have rejected the Lord Yahweh.  God has presented to them, warning after warning, and yet, they continue to refuse to honor Him.

I see this happening in present times.


By putting our focus upon ourselves and not upon the Heavenly Father.  You see it in sermons – social media – books.  It is all about me and others just like me.  It is to the point, that you start reading from a book, and the author focuses upon themselves – look at me – look at how I have been persecuted.  Many times it has nothing to do with being persecuted because of following after Jesus – but just because I don’t like what I see in the world surrounding me.

For many, they have become paralyzed in the “its all about me” syndrome.  They no longer desire the blessings of the Heavenly Father’s Presence.  And for some, they are no longer even aware of that presence.

Have you rejected the Father?

He is calling out to His loved ones to return to Him.

The times of warnings is coming to an end.  He will not keep calling.

Have you allowed the enemy to paralyze you?  It’s not too late!  Call out from the deeps of your heart and ask Him to forgive you.  Then do all that is necessary to make Him Lord of your life once again.

He is calling.

My Song: Run to the waters.  Run to the Father.  He waits for you.

My Father’s Arms

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