Genuine Love for My Country

This morning, I realized that I have a genuine love for my country!  Truly!  And I am tired of those trying to become leaders who do not love America!

Love for God and Country

I have been reading and studying in the book of Isaiah and I am amazed how the Father points out to me, daily, how these words relate for today.

The Lord’s mighty hand rested on me, and warned me with these words not to act like these people: “Don’t believe their every conspiracy rumor.  And don’t fear what they fear – don’t be moved or terrified.  Fear nothing and no one except Yahweh, Command of Angel Armies!  Honor him as holy.  Be in awe before him with deepest reverence!” (Isaiah 8:11-13) TPT

To whom are you listening?  Following?

The Commander of Angel Armies says not to fear nothing and no one except Him.  And to honor Him as holy.

Think about these words today and consider where your loyalties stand.  Do you have a love for America?  Do you have a love for God and Country?

No one can ever help others until they are willing to take care of their own first.

Integrity.  Moral and artistic values.  Know what you stand for.

My Song:  A little different today.  But I remember when this song came out and the respect and love for America was high!  Respect.  Loyalty.  Love for Country.  Love for people.  Enjoy!  And remember, you are blessed to live here.

God Bless the U.S.A.


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