A Snare or a Sanctuary

Snare.  Sanctuary.

Those are two words to consider for today.

Is God a sanctuary for you?  Or has he become a snare?

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe
A Sanctuary – Tried and True

Isaiah was writing down what Adonia had told him to write.  These are part of those words:

“He will become for you a holy sanctuary but for them a stone people will trip over. He is a rock that causes the two houses of Israel to stumble – a trap and a snare for the people of Jerusalem.  Many will stumble and fall and be broken.  Yes, they will be snared and taken away captive.” Isaiah 8:14-15 TPT

What has the Heavenly Father become for you?  A snare?  Or a sanctuary?

These words are so powerful that I found reference to them in 1 Peter 2:8:

“And a stone that makes them stumble and a rock to trip over.  They keep stumbling over the message because they refuse to believe it. . .” 1 Peter 2:8

If you have time today, read all of 1 Peter 2 so you can get the feel for what was happening at that time.

All these years later, and these words still ring true for me and for you.

Do you believe that God is your sanctuary?  Or has His Words become a stone that you stumble over or a rock to trip over?

The Holy Spirit is well and alive today!  He lives in each believer!  But you must allow him to do his job.  You can read from John 14-17 and see what Jesus had to say about him.  Lent starts this Wednesday – what a great time to read from this Scripture about what Jesus had to say to his followers before he made that last step to the Cross for you and for me.

He lives!  He lives!  Christ Jesus lives today!

My Song:  Oh listen to these words today.  Let his holy presence sink deep into your soul.  He lives within you.  Be that sanctuary where the Holy Spirit can live comfortably – doing what he does best.


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