Heart of Worship

Oh what joy to know the heart of worship – of being in God’s Presence.  There is nothing to compare with that.

The Gospel will always bring joy!  And those who receive the Good News will be overjoyed – multiplied in His Presence!

53556509 - book with word worship, cross  and glasses.

“Lord, you have multiplied the nation and given them overwhelming joy! They are ecstatic in your presence and rejoice like those who bring in a great harvest. . .”

Ecstatic in your presence!  Literally means the heart of worship.  Our hearts are filled with joy in the presence of Adonai!  Oh how the enemy hates when God’s children find freedom in worship.  Chains are broken.  Burdens are lifted.  Unlimited joy is discovered.

My Song:  Oh how appropriate this song is for today!  Matt Redman singing about the heart of worship.  May we never run from the presence of God.  May we never allow the enemy to chain us again and destroy our joy – the unlimited joy of His Presence.

The Heart of Worship

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