Everything.  All that exists. All that is important.

What is everything to you?

What is important to you?

For me?

JESUS!  He is my everything!  He is my all!

Jesus Dance

I can’t imagine life without him.

He is my peace – my love – my joy – my pick me up!  He is my everything.

So when others ask me about Him – my hearts wells up with such love, it overflows within me – I mainly say, “what is it that you see in me?”

My prayer today is that His peace – love -joy overflows into the lives of others that they too may know Jesus as I do.

My Song: I have loved this song for a long time.  Many days I find myself singing these words.  So when you ask me about Him – this is what I have to say.  He is my everything!

He is My Everything

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