Lest We Forget

Hatred has been amongst us for a long time.

Hatred is not something new under the sun.

Today is a day that we remember.  We remember – lest we forget.


Today is Palm Sunday.  A day of rejoicing.  A day of Hosannas.

Sadly, hatred will consume us if we are not careful.  Hatred will take control of our hearts – our minds – our souls, sadly.

But we remember Holy Week.  Lest we forget.

Walking through Holy Week has always been a humbling act for me.  Oh yes, I do remember throughout the year, but this week – I park myself and remember what my Lord and my Savior went through for me.

Lest we forget, I leave some of Jesus’ last words spoken publicly – passionately so long ago:

“To believe in me is to also believe in God who sent me. For when you look at me you are seeing the One who sent me. I have come as a light to shine in this dark world so that all who trust in me will no longer wander in darkness. IF you hear my words and refuse to follow them, I do not judge you. For I have not come to judge you but to save you. IF you reject me and refuse to follow my words, you already have a judge. The message of truth I have given you will rise up to judge you at the Day of judgment. For I’m not speaking as someone who is self-appointed, but I speak by the authority of the Father himself who sent me, and who instructed me what to say. And I know that the Father’s commands result in eternal life, and that’s why I speak the very words I’ve heard him speak.”              – John 12: 44-50 (TPT)

Hatred surrounds us today. For many it consumes their hearts that they cannot focus upon anything else but pure hatred.

Lest we forget.

Today, was meant to be a day of honor – of rejoicing.  A day of Hosannas!  

“The next day the news that Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem swept through the massive crowd gathered for the feast. So they took palm branches and went out to meet him.  Everyone was shouting, ‘Lord, be our Savior! Blessed is the one who comes to us sent from Jehovah God, the King of Israel!'” – John 12:12-13 (TPT)

Remember!  Our joy – our peace – our hope comes from Christ Jesus, our Lord and our Savior.

Lest we forget!

My Song: Let today be a day of Hosannas to the Lord!  Let hope arise today.

Hosanna (Praise is Rising)

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