In The Morning

When I arise in the morning, I feel the tensions of the world.  I feel the hatred that is squeezing my heart trying to take my joy away.

But when I arise, the first thing that I seek – JESUS!  And yes, a cup of coffee!

COffee Saturday.jpg

For you see, it is through Jesus that I find my peace – my joy – my love for the day.  Jesus is the only hope we have for unity in our lives – for unity is only found in Him.

Did you know that hostility towards one another was put to death by Jesus?  Yes! Indeed!

As we approach Holy Week, let us come together in peace – in the peace of Christ Jesus and look to Him and His Ways during this week for the great sacrifice that He endured for each one of us.  He brought Humanity back together.

Today, I leave a song with you – Give me Jesus.  Listening to the words this morning brought refreshment to my soul – deep down in my soul.  Let the words wash over you today.

Just give us Jesus!

Take time to read through Ephesians 2 – it will bless your heart.

Give me Jesus

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