Linger in Love

Linger in love.  Stay awhile in the lap of the Heavenly Father.  Allow Him to fill your heart with kindness.  And may you walk away today feeling anxious to do justice for all.

2337492 - yellow-orange day-lily and its reflection in water.

Oh how I love the Word of God.  His Word.  Not mine.

I continue my journey through the book of Isaiah.  I am in the 16th chapter right now – today stopping at verses 4-5.

My take away?

One cannot build upon hate.

In America, right now, we have leaders who are trying to build a nation upon hatred.  It cannot be done.  The foundation will continue to crumble and make a mess around the people.

Hatred is fueling the hearts of people.  No one is moving.  It is as though we are stuck in mud – spinning wheels – just digging a hole deeper and deeper into misery.

Linger in Love.

“Then a government of unfailing love will be established with a faithful King in the tabernacle of David, passionate for justice and swift to do what is right.”

Words of Wisdom.

Not tardy.  Not slow. But anxious.  Anxious to do what is right.  Justice for all.

Until selfish people stop hating – our Country will continue on a downhill spiral.  It is with an unfailing love for our Country – for the people that we will discover justice for all.

When was the last time you were anxious to do what was right?  Anxious to do justice for all?

Linger in the Father’s Love today!  Allow Him to fill you with His unfailing love.

My Song: A little different – but listen to the words.  Oh let justice roll like a river. Linger in the Love of the Father. Choose love today.

Come to the River

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