So many thoughts are running through my mind this morning.

It is the month of May.

May had become a month of fear for me. Many tragic moments – memories forever etched in my mind and my heart.

Small Daily Steps

But I no longer fear.  Mainly because I spend time with the Heavenly Father each day – keeping him close to me throughout the day.  Allowing Him to pull me back in away from the cray-cray that surrounds me.

This coming Saturday, May 4th, reminds me of one of my most tragic days – tragic moments.  So many details – but put simply, I lost my first husband to instant death.  A police officer – a motorman.  He was my strength.  My rock.

So the month of May became like a double-wammy !  Police Week comes in May.  A time to honor fallen officers.  So I had to contend with his death in May and the reminder of others whose lives have been lost and honored in May.

For my daughter-in-law, the month of May is a difficult month for her – reminders of those whom she has lost over the years.

Then this morning, the Lord reminded me of all the times we have walked together – talked together – endured together and that I have a job for the month of May this year:


My word for the year is “To Know.”  To know the Heavenly Father.  And this morning, He added the word “Inspire.”

Inspire others to overcome. Even in the midst of the chaos and the hatred that consumes every day of our lives, I can inspire others to greatness.  To be over-comers.

My children have become great inspirers in others lives too.  They know and understand the loss of a father so many years ago (28 years).  I have seen them reach out to others so fresh in their pain and encouraged even strangers to hope beyond that initial first pain.

I would encourage others this month to inspire others to greatness.  To inspire others to be over-comers.  Look for the goodness of man hidden away in the daily chaos and bring it to life. Make it more important to read than the hatred that oozes from media daily.

Today, I found such an inspirer, and I want to share her story with you.  Be on the lookout this month to share great stories with others – spread it across social media.

Kayleigh McEnany – One Year

My Song:  Look out today – beyond the chaos and find those who are hurting.  Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you.  Inspire. Give out hugs. Give out encouragement. Honor the good in man. Those who are inspired to spread the love of God to a hurting world.

Give Me Your Eyes

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