Pollution comes in many forms.

Plastic is polluting the ocean big time.

Ocean Floor

We are seeing the physical effects upon the earth and yet people keep throwing their trash out of car windows and those out enjoying the day on the water are using the waters as their trashcans.  Some even laugh about it.

But my thoughts today do not lie within the physical effects as much as the thoughts are resting upon the spiritual effects.

I continue on in my journey through Isaiah and I am amazed daily at the truths that I discover along the way.

I have started Isaiah 24, which is part of the section known as Isaiah’s Apocalypse found in chapters 24-27.  Many of the prophecies found in these chapters are also found in the book of Revelation.

The word “pollute” popped right off the page today:

“The ground itself mourns and withers, the soil languishes over the sins of its people, and the wealthy elite wither and languish. The people have polluted the earth beneath their feet by disobeying laws, violating truth, and breaking the ancient, everlasting covenant.”  – Isaiah 24:4-5 (TPT)

Did you notice the word “pollute?”

How is the earth being polluted? Not just by our physical actions but also by our heart actions.

Words are floating out there daily, that are polluting the hearts of men. Whenever you start seeing the word “I” used a lot, its time to stop in your tracks and think about what is going on?

Today. when you are on social media or in a conversation with others, listen to the words and see how many times the words convey the iMentality.  I think it will surprise you.

I won’t pollute your research by giving you my thoughts – learn for yourself.  As you walk about today, look out at the beauty of God’s Creation.  And if you see trash that has been thrown out – stop and pick it up. If the trash is found in words, brush it off and then praise God for all he has done for you.

My Song: Love this song by Chris Tomlin – I find myself shy of words to describe the beauty that surrounds me at times in my view of God’s Creation.


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