Painted Horse

I had a dream last night.

Did you know that God speaks to his children through dreams?

He does.

Last night’s dream brings many pieces of the puzzle together for me.  I am in awe.

I will share some of the dream with you today:

In this dream, I am sitting in a living room with many people.  There appears to be a Bible Study going on.  There are many people there and I recognized many from my past.  Some are recognizable and others look a bit different, but I am able to notice them by their voices.

It starts out with love and joy in this group of people.  But slowly changes start taking place – maybe a slight remark that could be construed as off-jokes.  People laugh.  But ever so slowly, the comments continue south, down a path that is not encouraging for anyone.

Soon the talk turns to action – drunkenness – lewdness – there is no need to go into details.  I am thinking it is time to leave; it must be late.  I look at my watch and discover it is 12:03.  Interesting time.  Did you know that during the night hours that the hours from 12-3 are usually when people take action to their thoughts?


I am looking for the door to exit and I see a horse through the opening.  It appears to be a painted horse, saddled and ready to go.

As I prepare to leave, someone asks me if I plan on quitting my day job.  Interesting.  For I have been thinking of quitting my job.  So I say, “Yes, in fact I am.  I am a writer.”

I have never said that before – in real life or in a dream.

I wake up.  Oh my, Lord what does this mean?

There are two significant details here:

  1. White and brown horse that is seen through the opening of the door saddled and ready to go.
  2. I am willing to give up my job and become a writer.

Now for interpretation:

A horse in a dream is powerful. There is a great conquest – adventure – fun. I identify the horse as a painted horse.  Why?  Because a painted horse has a powerful lineage and I am able to take my lineage back to my Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus.  It would be considered a pinto if I could not prove the lineage.  Interesting.  Exciting.

It means I know my identity.  And my identity is in Christ Jesus.

A writer in a dream means that I have a scribing anointing – an ability to receive and write for God.  Words placed in my heart to share with others.  I have done that but on a smaller scale.

Now, I bring in the “Paintbrush.” You can read about that in my last post about the paintbrush.

I am reminded of the Indian Paintbrush wildflower that grew on our property in Montana.  It was beautiful.  The first time that I saw it, I could only describe it as a paintbrush.  I didn’t know the name of it, but looked it up in a book about Montana wildflowers.  Such a beautiful flower.

I love how the Lord speaks to me.  I love how he brings back memories of the past.

I don’t know what is up ahead, but I can tell you that an adventure is on the way!  A horse that is saddled and ready to go means that I can exit through the door and get on for the ride of my life.  Something new.  Something unknown.

My Heavenly Father has given me a paintbrush to create with.  Bring it on.  May I serve the Lord wisely and bravely.

My Song: What dreams have you kept hidden in the shadows?  Are you ready to ride and dream with the Lord?  Become a part of those awakening to the voice of the Lord and allow his dreams for you to become reality.  Never give up on your dreams.

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