I am refreshed daily within my journey through the Book of Isaiah.  The words have become a warning unto me as I can see the same situations played out in today’s world.  It is so easy to see how history repeats itself. Played out from our complacency – our arrogance.

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Today, I read from Isaiah 37:26-29:

“‘Have you not heard that I determined it long ago? I planned from days of old
what now I bring to pass, that you should make fortified cities crash into heaps of ruins,
while their inhabitants, shorn of strength, are dismayed and confounded, and have become like plants of the field and like tender grass, like grass on the housetops,
blighted before it is grown. “‘I know your sitting down and your going out and coming in, and your raging against me. Because you have raged against me and your complacency has come to my ears, I will put my hook in your nose and my bit in your mouth, and I will turn you back on the way by which you came. (ESV)

The word complacency spoke loudly to me. Complacency is a self-satisfaction especially when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers of deficiencies.

The King James Version uses the word “Tumult.” A disorderly agitation or milling about of a crowd usually with uproar and confusion of voices.  It is violent.

Angry Water

Some other translations used the word “Arrogant.” Oh yes, we have become an arrogant people.  So many speaking out today like they know better than God.  Changing His Words and declaring what they think God meant.

How have you seen complacency played out in your world today?  Violence? Arrogancy? Pride?

My Prayer:  Lord Yahweh, what have we become? What have we forgotten? Do we really believe that we know better than the Almighty God of the Universe? That our words and our actions will go unheeded by the Commander of Angel Armies? You know everything about us – every move that we make – every step that we take – you already know what is up-head on our journey. Father, I pray that you will continue to open up my eyes to your Truths – to your Ways – to your Thoughts! May I never become complacent – arrogant – raging – violent in my ways. May your Thoughts and Your ways become my way of thinking – of acting.  I lift up this big mess in our world today and ask you to guide us back to your heart. Forgive us. I ask this in Christ Jesus’s Name, Amen.

My Song: This is a song by Hillsong Kids.  It seemed to blend well with my prayer today and also with the Scripture from Isaiah.  Lest we forget who our God is.

Every Step I Take

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