Rebellion – Destruction of the Soul

We have walked these past weeks to our final destination – Rebellion. It is the destruction of the soul.  Sadly, this is where our Country is today.  At the door to the destruction of many souls.

We have seen how the wounded spirit (hurt feelings) becomes bitterness. A nasty taste in our mouths that is continuously chewed on becomes anger.  Anger begins to boil within and slowly over the pot of our souls becoming a stubbornness left out for all to see.  Not caring what others think or what mess is surrounding us.  And then, rebellion – the destruction of our souls.

Black vector cauldron with orange witches potion

This is our final destination. It is where we become stuck in the muck and linger and then the stink of the mess arises.  No one really wants to linger here – but no one lifts themselves up and out of the mess. It is even hard to remember where this journey started, so we remain.

And what do we lose in our final destination?  The grace of God.  We threw it out and left it somewhere along our journey and it is the medicine that we need in order to feel better.  To stop the destruction of our souls.

Have you rejected the grace of God?

If we open that door it will be fatal.  And yet, the hurts, the bitterness, the anger, the stubbornness draws our hands to the knob of rebellion.  We must enter in.  At least that is what we tell one another.  But do we really have to open the door?



Now you stand at the top of the stairs and the door of rebellion is beckoning you to open the gate – come in and let everyone know that you are tired of being hurt – tired of being toyed with.


How far have you gone up the staircase to the portal of rebellion?  Have you already entered in? 

Wherever you may be on this staircase – hurt, bitterness, anger, stubbornness, or full-blown rebellion – there is hope.  God can heal and change your heart.

Yes, you may be at the final destination of this journey, but there is always a first step to turning away from that door and admitting that you are out of control.

Yes it will be painful.  And Yes, it will be humbling. But with each step you take away from the door of rebellion the closer you come to the grace of God. Then you must find like-minded people who are willing to take that first step back down the way that you came.  Become accountable to one another and start clearing the messes as you go down the stairs.


Receive the grace of God.

My Song: There is nothing like the healing rain from Heaven.  Looking up and allowing those wet, sloppy kisses of God’s grace – God’s love fall down upon our faces.  Touching our dry quenched souls.  Let them fall down today.  Let them fall down over the coming week.  Refresh yourself. Restore yourself. In the Grace of God.

Healing Rain

60305225 - blue  rain drops falling down  on water

Heavenly Father, I thank you for Your Words of wisdom as we have taken a look at how we can walk towards a full-blown heart of rebellion.  Father God, may we be willing to take the necessary steps to undo the damage that has been done to our lives and the lives of others by allowing hurts to escalate to rebellion.  Help us to find others around us who are able to help us walk through these difficult times in our lives as we remove layer upon layer from our wounded hearts until we truly find the love, joy, and peace of the Lord.  I ask this in Jesus Christ’s name, amen.

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