Coming of Age

Coming of Age.

That was a thought that came to mind this morning.  Eighteen years ago, today, evil reared its ugly head in America.  It was a day where many stood staring at televisions around our Nation wondering what just happened.  It was an open attack – in your face kinda of statement.

Many can still remember what they were doing that morning.  But that’s not my story for today.  Today it is about “Coming of Age.”

American Flag and Eagle

I recently retired from a job that I loved – serving our Military.  Watching many of our youth coming of age.  There are many parents out there right now who need to know that they have done a good job with those kiddos.  I saw honorable and brave young men and women who had made decisions to serve their Country.  I don’t know all their stories, but I would love to hear about them.  Most of those kiddos were babies on that horrific Tuesday morning and they don’t have memories of that day.  And yet, they have been given a task – a destiny to come forward and serve their Country.

Many of those babies never met their mom and/or dad because of that day.  And now, all those wonderful babies are heading to boot camp and then on to their next destinations to serve.

This year, 2019, many of our youth are coming of age.  They need to be honored and encouraged to be all that God created them to be.

IF you know of a family that has a young one who has stepped out to serve, take time to honor this family for their sacrifices.

Today is a good day to honor those in our Nation who are coming of age.  Stand up with them and let them know you care.

My Song: For the last few years, it has become acceptable to mock our Country and speak poorly of those who have sacrificed their lives and their families to continue to fight for our Freedom.  They did not sacrifice for what I am seeing out on our streets, the football field, the halls of Congress and so forth to act like fools and selfish people.  They fought for those in America to have freedom to be the best that each one of us can – and the list goes on.  I don’t need to say more, we all know the true reasons why.

IF you see a solider today, stop long enough to thank them for being willing to fight for you and your loved ones to have freedom.  Do them proud!

American Soldier


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