A word that expresses behavior within our leadership in America. A word that expresses behavior of those who are in front of the camera on a regular basis. That is what has happened in America – Unbecoming Behavior.


There are people running for the Office of President in America.  They not only bad-mouth our Country – but they bad-mouth others.  It is unbecoming behavior.  And sadly, it has become acceptable behavior. It’s like a gang that has teamed up to spread lies and hatred and graceless behavior in order to keep the focus off of them.  Yep!

The name calling that has taken place is totally unacceptable.  Just look at the news floating the airwaves of our hearts.  Indecorous.

The attacks against innocent men and women.  Making statements and having to immediately retract their words.  Lies.  Hatred.

What have we become?

What are we teaching our children?

Have we become a graceless society? Heavy-handed in our ways? Lacking a sense of propriety?

How do we stop this unbecoming behavior?

That we stop accepting it.  That we stand against it.  When people start speaking that way, we put up our hand and say enough.

Stop today.  Take out a few moments through out the day and acknowledge what you are seeing and hearing and then ponder on the behavior that you are seeing and hearing.  Is is becoming?  Is it loving?

The word that comes to mind for me – Porcupine.  You just can’t get close to a porcupine.

23291225 - porcupine

The Power of Your Love

My Song:  Have we forgotten the power of His Love?  The power of His Grace? My prayer today is that we will stop long enough to see where we have come as a Nation – as a People.  Let us seek Compassion.  Encouragement.  Love and Acceptance.


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