There Is No Equal

I am reminded today that God has no equal.  There is no one that can compare to Him.

If we are not careful in remembering who He is, we will start to believe that we are His equal – that we know better than Him.

God has no equal

Sadly, we see those in our Country who try to use His Word to make others feel bad.  When it is convenient, you will hear someone throw out His Word and condemn others.  Belittle them.

I was touched by His Words this morning, reminding me who he is and also who I am:

Isaiah 40:12-14:  Who else has held the oceans in his hand?  Who has measured off the heavens with his fingers?  Who else knows the weight of the earth or has weighed the mountains and hills on a scale?  Who is able to advise the Spirit of the Lord?  Who knows enough to give him advice or teach him?  Has the Lord ever needed anyone’s advice? Does he need instruction about what is good?  Did someone teach him what is right or show him the path of justice?  (NLT)

When was the last time you instructed God on what is right or show Him the path of justice?

I have seen and I have heard those in our Nation saying what God’s Word says so that it fits into their motives – their ways – their thoughts.  What scares me the most is the attack upon our children.  Some before they are even born.  Some right after they are born.  Then if that is not enough, we try to confuse them with gender.  And testing kids to make sure they are using the right pronoun. Young children are being suspended in school because they used the wrong pronoun.

There is much confusion that surrounds us today.  Confusion that we have created. Not the Heavenly Father.  Words are thrown about like cheap thoughts.  Words are losing their value.

words are not cheap.png

For example, the word “racist” is even being redefined.  It is thrown about so casually and done so to be heard often so people forget what is truth.  I could go further on this topic, but I won’t.  I just want people to stop and think about what they are actually doing.  They are making words cheap.

My Song:  There is no other name.  There is no other God than Yahweh. He is the one and only True Living God.  He is the creator of all things.  He has no equal.  He is the Giver of all things.  God has the whole world in His Hands.  God is in control.  Give Him the honor and glory that is His alone.

No Other Name





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