Who Am I?

I have been on a journey through the book of Isaiah. I have finally made it to chapter 40. With this chapter, the compassion begins.  The hope is shining out with rays of the Father’s Love.  He has come to rescue His People.

This morning I was uncovering more treasures from His Word. Isaiah is reminding the people to become joyful messengers!  To not be afraid.  and lift up your voices and shout out, “HERE IS YOUR GOD!”  He is a victorious warrior with awesome power.

Who Am I

As I sat looking at these words – these reminders, I am reminded of how some of our leaders are trying to silence the people. To keep them from thinking – to keep them down with whatever is necessary to accomplish their own selfish desires.  I am also reminded of how many times I have read from God’s Word, “do not be afraid.”

I will not be afraid.  I will not be afraid of what man will try to do in order to silence me.

I am tired of the misuse of words that are being thrown about -everyday- to silence me. The threats of taking things from me.  The list goes on and on.

I have been watching and waiting and praying. Looking out at the nations and seeing what is going on. I remind you here that you can’t believe everything you read, so you must be in-tuned with the Spirit of God.

My warning to you: Beware. Be watchful. Always seeking His Words.  There are those who want you to be afraid.  Fearful.  Hiding out in the darkness.

BUT, God is saying to His Children, “do not be afraid!” Proclaim! Shout it out! Here is your God!

As I sat and pondered a little longer, a song came to mind. I love how God does that. I must remind myself daily, who I belong to – who is the one and only true giver of life.  I am reminded that man will throw darts of hatred – of lies – of threats at me daily, but I must remember who I am.  I am His alone. I am His Child.  And I will shout out, “Here is Your God!”

here is your God

Remember this day and proclaim the joyous news to others: “Here is Your God! Look! Here comes Lord Yahweh as a victorious warrior; he triumphs with his awesome power.”

Who Am I?

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