It Is Well

With my Soul.

That is what I woke-up with this morning. These words: It Is Well With My Soul.

Before I fully woke-up, I was in a dream with letters flying about me. The letters were coming together, forming words that all started with the letter “H.”  It was a game to see how well my soul was – but the words had to start with the letter “H.”

But for now, I can’t remember those words except for “Happy!”

And that is enough for me to finish my post this morning.

So that is my question for the day:

“Is It Well With My Soul?”

For the past couple of months, I have been a part of a different world in the midst of the cray-cray world we have become comfortable in.  Within this world, people are concerned for one another.  They actually feel each others pain at times and they also rejoice with others in their happy moments too.

Wheres Waldo

You may ask what world have I been a part of? It is the world of “Where’s My Waldo!” That is the term used within this protected world.

My grandson has been at Basic Training in the Army.  Contact with these Soldiers in Training (SIT) has been very limited. Families are cutoff from daily contact with their SIT. Fortunately with today’s technology, these families connect on Facebook, and share their ups and downs with one another.

And this is where the term, “Where’s My Waldo” comes from.  Family is searching for news about their “Waldo.” Pictures have been posted occasionally on the Group Page and the search begins.  Could that be my Waldo? For some reason some of the SIT’s look alike in those uniforms and new hair cuts that we find them in.

Amazingly, snail mail becomes popular. Letters are treasures that each person can continue to hold close to their hearts.  It is an old art that has been lost in our society, letter-writing.

This Friday, October 11th, my grandson with other SIT’s will be a part of what is known as “Turning Green.” They will be graduating from Basic Training.  They are given a Family Day that day. There are so many loved ones that can’t wait to actually touch one another – to give hugs and kisses and words of love in person. I am thinking that the use of social media will be limited that day. Why? Because they want to be in the presence of their loved ones.

Some SIT’s will get to spend the day with family and friends.  Some SIT’s will be given a weekend pass and stay off Post. What ever their soldier gets, they will be content.  And I am thinking that it will be well with many souls that day!

So that is the world that I have been allowed to be a part of.  Searching for my Waldo! Finding a little bit of peace, joy, and love in the midst of being away – totally away from a loved one.

It has brought back old memories for me, for I have been a part of that Soldier World my whole life. I was able to help some along this journey who have never experienced being away from their loved one before. I was able to encourage – to pray – to love another in their hour of need.

This is a thought that I want to leave with you today:

In the realm of “hatred” that we are living in today, have we forgotten the peace, joy, and love within the recesses of our souls? Have we stopped the heavenly flow from spilling out into a world that is lost in hate?

My Song: It could be no other than a song that I have sang and wept over, “It Is Well, With My Soul.” This is a modern version of the old hymn.

It Is Well With My Soul

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