Has Your View Changed?

I wrote the article below one year ago today.  And yet, it speaks to me in the same way as it did then. It takes daily communion with the Father to overcome the hatred that has spread across our land.

The Father gave me three words a year ago:

“Seek My Heart”

Yes, we must continue to seek the Heart of the Father. We need to get back in step with Him. He has the answers if we will only listen to Him:

The View.  

That is what I woke up to this morning.  Those two words.

There is a television show that uses those two words for its name.  It may have started out with a good purpose – but what it has become is outrageous and ugly.  I could add a few more words to describe it – but I will leave it with those two words.

As I sat talking with my Father this morning, I asked him a question.  “Why are these people allowed to be so vicious and mean?”

Interestingly the Father’s reply back to me, “Why are there people even watching the show?”

45663868 - empty modern lounge area with large bay window and view of sea
What is Your View?

When I use the words, “the view,” I am usually looking outside my window – enjoying God’s Creation.  I praise him for the beauty that surrounds me.

Deer in the wild flowers

But then, I must go out into the world – and its filled with hatred – chaos- lies – betrayal – hurts.  And yet, when I stop and talk with others, they are seeing the same things.  People are tired of it.  It goes against every principle that parents have used to bring up their children.

It reminded me of a time when Jesus looked out at the view.  What do you think he saw?

“When he saw the crowds, he had compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.” – Matthew 9:36 (ESV)

How long do you think God will continue to allow such hatred and displays of bullying?  How long will people be allowed to behave with such outrageous and ugly ways?

And the main question – how long are you willing to sit by and watch such hatred displayed?

I don’t need to say any thing else.  For I know deep within my soul that this behavior is wrong.  I also know that the Father is tired of it too.  I know that deep within your soul that you know it is wrong too.  Today is a good day to heed the warnings that are out there.  Today is a good day to spend with the Father and take a look at your life – what have you allowed to creep in that doesn’t come from him?

My Song:  This song is so appropriate for today.  I was introduced to this couple through the True Woman Events.  Their songs touch deep into the soul.  Listen to the words today.  Be Blessed.

Compassion Hymn

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