Let Your Hearts Flutter

I have been fascinated with butterflies these past couple of years.  I am amazed at how much one can learn through God’s creation.  Creation surrounds us in all his glory and his beauty. And beckons us to know him. To be still and know that he is God.

Have you learned how to be in God’s Presence?  To begin to truly know him and connect with his heart?  It is a desire that God placed in man’s heart so long ago and that desire to know him has never changed.


There is a place deep within our hearts – our souls that only God can fill with his love. Along our journey, sometimes we forget that. We try to fill those empty crevices with other things – other people and it never works.

It has been a couple of years ago, during the summer months, that there was a butterfly that I saw almost daily.  It was yellow and black. Every time I stepped outside, there was a butterfly – waiting.  Many times throughout the summer months, the butterfly would circle around me, fluttering as though it was beckoning me to follow.

Yellow Butterfly

Then one morning, during my quiet time with the Lord, he spoke to my heart and said, “You are my little butterfly!”  I was silenced in that moment. What was that? I am his butterfly?

Needless to say, I spent time wanting to know why I was his little butterfly. I finally realized that I should be content in just knowing that.  Then, one day, he spoke to my heart again, “Flutter my little butterfly! And one day you will fly!”

That’s it! That was all that was said to me.

Then this morning, looking back into my journal from last year, I see these words:

“My heart flutters with his compassion.”  A light bulb went on! And I realized that he had given me an answer and somehow I missed it.

He compared me to a butterfly. Throughout most of my life, I was a caterpillar, waiting to blossom into something beautiful.  I just didn’t realized it at the time. Then one day, I slowly turned into that butterfly – learning how to show off the beauty of Christ Jesus. Learning how to show others compassion with a heart like my Father’s.

That day, I changed. And God called me his little butterfly. And then I was given the task to go and flutter – flutter with compassion and guide others to him. I haven’t been given the ability to fly with it yet. At least, I haven’t heard that from him, yet. But one day I will fly.

My heart flutters with his compassion. Learn how to rest in Him.  Desire to be still and know God. Then refuel, refresh, reset. Today, let your heart flutter.

My Song: Desire. We all desire something deeper – more fulfilling. We go out seeking that one thing that fills our empty hearts. We may go for years looking and never realizing that the desire is right there within us, waiting for us to reach out and know him. Only God can fill those empty places within.  He designed us that way. Be still, my child, and know that I am God.

The Father’s Heart 

52480044 - cloud heart in the sky and transparent butterflies



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