Slaves to Our Environment

Slowly, our environment has robbed us of our thanksgiving – of our celebration at Christmas.

We have become slaves to our environment.


For those of us who have lived here for awhile, we have actually seen this truth played out before our eyes.  We are first-handed witnesses.  It is not hear-say.  It is not second-handed information.

Thanksgiving Day is a week away.  For many they are not even looking forward to this time.


Because we are slaves to our environment.

Our government decided that now would be a great opportunity to hang out their dirty laundry. Not even taking the time to wash it before it was put out on the clothes line.

Everywhere we turn, we see slaves bound by the media – bound by those who want to control our lives.  Even taking our words away from us and daring us to speak out unless we agree with their thoughts – their evil motives.

My Heavenly Father pointed me to the Book of Isaiah this year, and said, “Write.  Write out the Scriptures as you read.”  AND I have done just that.  Today and yesterday, I have written out Chapter 50.  Words that have touched my heart deeply.

This year, for me, has been all about knowing Him.  Not just knowing Scriptures – knowing doctrines – but truly knowing Him. I have been in training. He has been equipping me to speak and to write words – words that have been entwined with His heart. He is challenging me to speak out.

As a Christian, my environment tries to silence me.  Within the walls of the church and also outside of the church.  There are accusers out there that think I should be silent and not speak out about our government – about certain groups who want others to adhere to their ways and their thoughts. AND yet, that is not what my Father wants of me.  My Father wants me to speak of His Ways, His Thoughts.  Yes, many beyond my feeble mind. But that is where the training comes in.

Have you become a slave to your environment?  Has your environment silenced you? Or even made you to start speaking out when you should have remained silent.  Who are you listening to lately? Are you able to hear the voice – the heart of the Father?

For the coming weeks ahead that will walk me through the end of year, I will continue to be in training – entwining my heart with His.  It has been a slow process.  BUT in this coming year, I will be speaking out more.  It is not an easy lesson to be quiet in the Presence of God, and hear Him.  I pray my words are always His Words.  I pray that hearts will be prepared to hear so that others will see the slavery that we have allowed into our environment.

But for this coming week, if you have to turn off the news – do so.  Challenge others to agree to disagree and learn how to still love one another, then I pray that you do just that!  But set your minds and your hearts upon Thanksgiving.  There are so many things that we can be thankful for but those words need to be spoken out above the hatred and the controlling words of others who are lost in this mess.

God Ask

Step out.  Smile.  Help another.

Take off the chains that bind you.

Allow God to have HIs Way with you.

It will not happen overnight. But be intentional each day to put a spark of love out into your environment.

My Song:  It is an old hymn that I sang a lot growing up. It was a song that the Father chose for me this morning. There is purpose in allowing the Holy One to have His Way.  It empowers you.  It gives hope.  And it puts love back out into your environment.

Let Him Have His Way With Thee

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