Garden of Adonai

The Garden of Adonai. The Garden of my Heavenly Father.

Yes, in the Garden of my Lord and my Savior is where joy and gladness is found. Along with thanksgiving and joyous melodies.  That is where our joy will be found.

39216867 - path on the park

I discovered these words, hidden away in a treasure box, found in Isaiah 51 this morning.

Immediately, it reminded me of a childhood song, “In The Garden.”  The words that drew me to this song gave me comfort as a child and also as an adult:

And He walks with me
And He talks with me
And He tells me I am His own
And the joy we share as we tarry there
None other has ever known.

To a young child, who could close her eyes and just imagine what that would look like, was given much comfort and hope in her life.  Imagining that he walks with me and he even talks with me, but even greater still, that he tells me that I am his own.  Sheer joy that we shared together as we lingered awhile, was something that this child had never known.

To belong. To know. That my God is real.

Have you forgotten about that garden of delight? That place where you could linger and know who you really were? It is indeed a joy like none other known.

Let us not hasten so in our lives, that we allow ourselves to get caught up in the crazies that surround us. Instead, let us learn how to linger awhile in the Garden of Adonai, and enjoy him for awhile.

38223007 - oil painting - stone stairs in the forest

My Song: Oh what joy fills my heart just listening to these words, bringing back precious memories from childhood.  The joy of being known. The joy that I belong to Him. A joy like none ever known before.  Feast on these words today.

In The Garden

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