A Season of Thanksgiving

There is a season for everything, a right time for every intent under heaven.

For some reason, we seem to be stuck in a season of hatred.  And yet, I am a thinking, that we are due for a season of love.

Are we being held captive to hatred?  Are we aware of this captivity? Maybe we are aware, but we don’t know how to pull ourselves up out of the pit that has been dug by mankind.

Season of Love

We know where the hate is; it surrounds us daily.

But what we need is some love to surround us; to fill us with hope – hope for the future.

No one can survive for long during a season of hate. It becomes a dark place; a place that keeps us down.  Hidden away. Controlled by mankind.

I can remember a time – a season – where people were encouraged to be all that they could be.  A time of reaching out to others and caring for one another. Even if we appeared to forget at times throughout the year, Thanksgiving was always a time to remember – a time to focus upon ourselves and to do a little surgery upon our hearts and a little soul searching.

Empty hearts. I look out into a crowd of people in the grocery store – carts filled with turkey and other items to prepare for a dinner this coming Thursday.  And yet, I saw very few smiles. There seemed to be no joy in picking out items to share with others.

And I had to ask myself why?

I am a thinking, that we are stuck in a season of hate.  We desperately need a season of love.  A big burst of love to surround our hearts and our love ones.  We need to see some big sparks out there – flying around – touching hearts with love.

hearts on Fire

How can we do that?

It starts with each one of us. It starts with a smile. It starts with a common courtesy. It starts with allowing others to see there is hope.  It starts with putting a hand down into the pit and willingly helping another come out into the light of love.

What are you willing to do to bring back a season of Thanksgiving?

My Song: This song is unending – it is filled with thanksgiving. We have so many reasons to be thankful; to be loving; to be caring. At the Cross – we are all on the same level. There is no one better than another. We are all able to receive Salvation.  We are all loved by the Father.

Give Thanks

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