Unfolding God’s Word – Day 22

Accepting the Challenge

The Ark had become a safe place; Noah and his family, along with all the animals, had lived in harmony for a long time within the Ark. Noah was comfortable in the daily Presence of the Lord. And yet, there came a time that he would leave and go back out into the world again to live.

Genesis 8:15-17:
Then God said to Noah, “Come out of the ark, you and your wife and your sons and their wives. Bring out every kind of living creature that is with you — the birds, the animals, and all the creatures that move along the ground — so they can multiply on the earth and be fruitful and increase in number upon it.” (NIV)

Arks are considered our times within God’s Word and in prayer. We get away from the crowds – from the chaos and the conflict. We are safe and protected. But there comes a time when we must leave and go out into the world and live again. To bring the world to the Father again, helping to establish unity in our environment.

We have definitely been challenged this year within the chaos and conflict. We have been faced with many new challenges. And somehow, we must all learn how to live in harmony again. It will never happen unless we are all willing to do our part.

There is a love that is more fierce than death. A desire deep within our souls for the love of our Heavenly Father. To be reconnected back with the Light – the Eternal Light. The enemy has never wanted us to have that peace within our hearts. He has always wanted us to be defeated, hating one another, our fire extinguished never to burn again.

But that is not what the Father has desired for us.

Song of Solomon 8:6-7:
Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm.
For love is as strong as death, its jealousy as enduring as the grave.
Love flashes like fire, the brightest kind of flame.
Many waters cannot quench love, nor can rivers drown it.
If a man tried to buy love with all his wealth,
his offer would be utterly scorned. (NLT)

The flame of that fire will always burn, maybe not as brightly as it should, but it will never be extinguished. Never!

The Challenge. Are you willing to enter the ark for awhile and spend time with the Heavenly Father – being surrounded in His Love and His Protection? To be reminded of your purpose? And then, are you willing to leave the ark and go back out into the world with a burning flame of love, to change what has happened around you and especially what has happened in your heart?

Hearts on Fire

I challenge you today to look back over this year and then be willing to go into the ark of change, that place that God can work on your heart, challenging you to burn brightly once again. Let God do what He does best – Make Changes within Your Heart.

Heavenly Father, Thank you for your words of encouragement today. Your words of challenge to become a better me. Father, we have become flickering light – even some appear to not be burning at all – forgive us and may we repent of our sins. May we be willing to enter that ark of change and come out burning brightly for you. I love you, Lord. I ask this in Christ Jesus’ name, amen.

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