A Promise Remembered


Love Promised.

Love revealed in one sentence – one verse.

My God is faithful.  My God is merciful.  My God remembers.

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Promises Remembered

Luke One is filled with many “nuggets” that are hidden away in God’s Word – in simple, yet poetic words.

Luke 1:72 – “Now he has shown us mercy promised to our ancestors, for he has remembered his holy covenant.”

Promises revealed – filled with memories.

I will share with you the Hebrew Poetry hidden in names – the names of Zechariah, Elizabeth, and John.

Remember that Zechariah and Elizabeth never had children – but the God of the impossible decided that they would have a son – a son that they would name John.  Elizabeth conceived in her old age!  And now Zechariah has a song telling the story, and when we come to this verse – their names are revealed!

In Hebrew their names mean:

John:  He has shown us mercy

Zechariah: He has remembered

Elizabeth: His holy covenant

Now let’s look at that verse again:

Luke 1:72 – “Now he has shown us mercy promised to our ancestors, for he has remembered his holy covenant.”

There had been silence across the land for hundreds of years.  No one heard from their Heavenly Father during that time.  God had not spoken to his prophets for 400 years. And then God spoke.

Treasure these words today.

Remember. Promises remembered.  During dark days.  Remember.  God is faithful.  He has shown us mercy.  He has remembered his holy covenant.

Heavenly Father, Thank you for Promises Remembered. That you hide treasures “nuggets” away in your Word for us to discover new things. What a treasure these words are today. Help us to cling to those promises. I love you, Lord. I ask this in Christ Jesus’ name, amen.

My Song:


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