America: Sold To The Highest Bidder

In the wee hours of January 7, 2021, our Nation’s Leaders met and sold America to the Highest Bidder. It may be awhile before we know who that bidder was – but with time it will come out.

We all know that the Elections of 2020 were rigged and riddled with deceit, corruption, and hatred. We have watched for four years while our Congress and our Senate worked their “magic” across our land trying to destroy the President of the United States. We are all guilty in one way or another.

It was wrong and it still is wrong.

There are no parties – democratic or republican; but there is a party of corrupted leaders. They played a game for these past years and we stood by and watched it unfold. There are many who have sold out their integrity and filled their pockets with “hush money.” Many of them involved in the human trafficking that has taken place world-wide and oh how they have fought to keep their sins secret. Unfortunately for them, “their sins will find them out.” It is a guarantee.

We will see this played out slowly in the coming weeks and months. There will be no peace for these Leaders who sold out their Country. For many, they got use to tossing stones over to another person to keep the limelight off of their sins.

I am tired of all this deceit and lies and corruption. Many others are too. And I know that my Heavenly Father is tired of it all too.

It is time to right these wrongs. It is time that the Congress and the Senate come clean in their evil works. How will they repair this mess that they made? Who will stand to actually do something great for our Land? Who will reveal the Highest Bidder?

As always, God will start with His Church. There are many who have had platforms in the past years who will be held accountable for their actions over the past four years too. Sadly, Christians can be the worst to step up to the plate and admit sin. But get ready, it is coming for each one of his children. How long do you think we can continue to mock the Lord and sit on His Throne?

Yes, indeed, the Church has dethroned the Lord and has been sitting on it for some time now. Leaders have been making their own rules and regulations, bypassing Adonai and handing out “black tickets” to the people who did not abide by their rules.

Then God will deal with our Leaders – those who have hidden behind the walls of Congress and of the Senate. Those walls will be crumbling down.

The Hound of Heaven is coming. He knows our comings and our goings. We can try to toss stones at others to keep our sins safe; but they will be exposed.

All this said, 2021 will be a year of exposure. And it should also become a year of accountability. None of us will be immuned from the reckoning that is coming. It is only the beginning.

I challenge you today to a cleansing of the heart. What have you allowed into your heart over the past year? What hatred have you carried in your heart? What lives have you destroyed by tossing stones at others?

Heavenly Father, thank you for our time together this morning. And what a good question you asked: “What have you become?” Lord, help me during the coming days to be ready to allow you to peel back the layers of sins that I have allowed into my heart this past year. Help me to be willing to repent and cleanse my heart. May each one of us be willing to mend the roads of destructions in our lives. I love you, Lord. I ask this in Christ Jesus’ name, amen. And Amen.

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