Give Me Eyes To See

This past month has been challenging for me as I have been waiting for surgery on my eyes.

During these dark times that we have experienced over the past year, it hasn’t been easy to get into the doctor’s office. Then, add a move to a new place and having to start all over again finding doctors.

Give Me Your Eyes That I Might See

So many have had struggles, way beyond what even I could imagine, and yet we are beginning to see light up ahead.

Blurry vision. Keeps one from researching. And that is where I am right now. Beginning signs of glaucoma and in need of cataract surgery has slowed me down. I hope within another month, I will be able to get back to my writing – journeying through Revelations and slow walking through the book of Proverbs.

I pray for my readers too. I don’t know all of your struggles, but I do pray for you. Many from around the world with daily challenges.

One thing for sure, I do not need to physically see to know how glorious and awesome my Heavenly Father is. Even in dark places, we all have His Promises to live through each and every day.

I was reminded this morning of a song by Brandon Heath about giving me your eyes to see. I pray that you will be blessed by the words and the prayers of my heart.

Heavenly Father, thank you for your tender mercies – your ways of loving us – during bright days and dark places too. You are always right there with me and with others. Thank you. May I use this down time wisely, seeking your Holy Ways and willingly being guided by your Holy Spirit. Help each one of us to hang in there and not allow darkness to consume us – but that each one of us will become beacons of Your Light. I love you, Lord. I ask this in Christ Jesus’ name, amen.

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