Who Will Stand?

As I was spending time with the LORD this morning, reading from Proverbs, I realize how blessed I am in fearing the LORD. With his wisdom and understanding that he offers to me, I am able to survive the circumstances that come at me each day.

Who Is Willing To Stand?

Then, I was drawn to words that I wrote a year ago today: Who will stand up to this evil?

These were my words that morning a year ago:

“Crazy! World! As I stood outside early this morning looking out across a field, I saw cars with headlights on – most likely the people were heading to work. Some with boats to enjoy a day on the water. Some in work trucks.

And then I though of the places that were under destruction by rioters who were hiding under a title of “protesters” and being supported by local government to destroy the cities.

What evil that is usually done in the dark, freely moves about in the light of day saying, “I dare you to come against me!” So very sad. Who will stand up to this evil?”

A year later and no one stands against that evil. Our Government supports this evil. And now, because of a hatred towards one man, we are all suffering. It is only the beginning. What this next year will bring will only be more of this evil – being pushed upon the people.

Our hope – our salvation is only found in our Lord and our Savior. We can no longer stand by and allow wicked men to destroy our land. What will we be looking at one year from now?

Heavenly Father, It is time for us to return to you. To return to your ancient words and repent of our sins. We have allowed evil to become good – and good to become evil. And because of hatred, many do not want to speak out and say, “I have failed.” This bitterness destroys us as a nation – as a universal world living in fear and evil. Lord, who will stand up? Lord, who will repent? Lord, who will lead? Lord, place upon our hearts a desire to return to you – to return to the ancient words written so long ago for our protection. Show us our sins. May there be an uprising of those who will stand for what is right – what is pure – what is holy. Father, I am willing to stand with you but I am only one person – one without any platform to be a leader – but give me that platform and I will stand up and I will speak out. May I use the warrior heart that you have given to me wisely. I love you, Lord. I ask this in Christ Jesus’ name, Amen.

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