Stolen Identities – Part Two

Identities.  Stolen.  Lost.

God speaks to us in dreams and visions.  Many times, we miss important information because we do not remember our dreams.  When we don’t write them down – the dreams are forgotten.

Today, I continue with the highlights of my dream about a car.  I have had this dream for many years – at least ten years – off and on.

In this dream, the setting is in a childhood home in Miami, Florida.  It has always been in this setting.

Beatle Bug Blue

As I move forward in this dream, I awake and go to the front door of this house – a pink house – there is a flood in the circular driveway.  The car sits to the north of the house in the street.  How do I get to this car?  It is a blue Beatle Bug.  It looks brand new.

16319646 - illustration of a house in a beautiful nature

I am unable to go anywhere so I move to the corner house just south of the pink house.  Inside the house, it looks like a home that has been lived in before – but no one is there.

A man comes to the door and knocks – I let him in.  This man has on overalls.  He has come with the registration and keys to the Blue Beatle Bug.  The only problem is – how do I get to this car with the floods that surround it?

As he leaves, he hands me a small fish tank.  He tells me that I can only use distilled water with sugar in it – otherwise, I will kill the fish.

Fish blue

So, what is the interpretation of this dream?  What does the fish tank stand for?  Why must I use distilled water with sugar?  Fish?  What does that represent?

Part Three is forthcoming with the answers to those questions.

Here is a link to Part One: Stolen Identities – Part One

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