Stolen Identities – Part Three

Dreams.  Destinies.  Desires.

God does speak to us in dreams and in visions.

Today, I share the meaning of a dream that I have had off and on for over 10 years.

Parts of me have been lost along the path of my life’s journey.  Some seemed insignificant at the time and yet are keys to finding my way.


Keys to Destiny


The most significant part of this dream was that I was stalled – I couldn’t move forward.  I kept coming up against a wall in this dream.  As God revealed in the final parts of this dream to me, I realized that the car represented a movement.  Without it, I could not move forward.

My identity was lost back in my childhood, at the pink house where I lived.  That was the place I trusted in Jesus Christ on June 11, 1961.  I was 11 at the time and I had experienced a beautiful moment with the Holy Spirit.  I remember that night so clearly because all I wanted to do was be alone.  I wanted to bathe in that peaceful moment forever.

But I grew up in a very legalistic church, so I was stripped of my gifting almost immediately by those who knew better than me about becoming a child of God.  I started believing the lies of the enemy about who I really was in Jesus Christ.

That is where I stayed for most of my life, not moving and growing in the Lord, but mainly pretending about who I was.  Pretending that my gift was hospitality – though it really wasn’t that.

I can’t be really sure of who this man was in my dream, but I am leaning towards my father.  My father loved wearing overalls!  My father went home to be with the Lord almost three years ago and I feel that by him handing me the keys and registration to the car, he has given my destiny back to me.

Mark 1:17-18 – “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.” At once they left their nets and followed him.  (NIV)

The fish tank represents that I have been given a task here on earth to share the Gospel with others.  It is not for me to hold onto this wonderful gift of salvation, but to share the Gospel with the world.

The distilled water represents that there is only one way to Heaven and that is through Jesus Christ and the sugar represents His love.  I cannot love others properly without His love.

So, I believe that I have been given all the pieces of this dream so that I know that I can now move forward without the fear of man always shadowing over me.

I have gifts that were given to me by God’s Holy Spirit that I am to use for God’s Glory.

If you feel like you life has stalled and that you can’t seem to move forward, you may have lost a piece of yourself along the way.  Seek God for answers.  He is the Dream-Giver.  He knows the answers.

John 14:6 – Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (ESV)

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