To Belong

AS I journey on in this year, 2017, God has been teaching me to “SAVOR.”

Our Society is always BUSY!  Running ourselves into the ground.

We have forgotten how to Dream!  How to Rest!  How to Enjoy one another!  In the Simple Ways!

On May 23rd, God gave me three words – three topics:

  • Dreams
  • Disciplines
  • Desires

Today, I looked back at these words and asked Adonai what He was going to teach me about these three simple words – So, today, I received my first challenge.

Every human being has a basic need – a desire to belong.

51867937 - empty glass with napkin and silverware on table for dinner setting
Meals that Nourish our Souls


To experience a meal around my table nourishes my soul and also the souls of others who come to share a meal with me.  God is challenging me to remember – to savor – the times when my table was opened to all to come by – I have forgotten the joys of sharing a meal at my table.  Life got busy.  Conflicts entered.  I was exhausted. I allowed the enemy to enter my life and say that no one wanted to share a meal with me anyway.

The Fourth of July is a great time to come together to share – share in the Freedom of Our Nation – but more than anything – to share in our Freedom in Christ.


Fourth of July Table


Let us not forget this Freedom – let us come together and share a meal and also worship our Lord and our Savior.

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