Being Present

When was the last time you were “Present” in another’s life?  When you were aware of their needs – their struggles – their desires?

I have been sitting out on my front porch this summer enjoying the beauty that surrounds me – and in sitting – I realize there is more out there than just the birds, the squirrels, the deer.

Front Porch


I am noticing neighbors – everyday neighbors.

Have I been present in what matters in years past?  As I sit and contemplate this question, I realize that I am not able to always answer “yes.”

In doing ministry, sometimes I was not listening to the voice of God, but all the voices around me – telling me what they thought I should be doing.  Getting caught up in pleasing man and forgetting about God and what He has planned for me to do.  Even at times, wearing myself out – because I was trying to please man and God at the same time.

Sometimes we get caught up in what others think we should be doing and we miss out on those God ordained moments – those moments that might only be small at the time – but we miss them because we are so busy pleasing man.

Have you found yourself getting caught up in what others think you should be doing?  Maybe, you are the one who is caught up in telling everyone else what they need to be doing!

We need to release one another to be free to serve God – to hear His voice – to have time to recognize those God Ordained Moments that He has planned for us.

Could you be guilty of manipulating others to do what you want them to do and keeping them from doing what God had planned for them?

Try this: Ask people how they are doing. Then create the space to listen actively while they answer.

God knows the plans He has for us – let Him direct our daily paths – let’s encourage one another to seek out those God Moments. True peace and joy can be found in those moments when we discover that we are doing exactly what God called us to do!



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