Love of Jesus

Oh how Jesus loves you and me!  We have seen that love demonstrated in the Scriptures that we have shared together over the past month.

Jesus knew what was up ahead.  He understood that the road would not be easy for him.  And yet, he took time to speak to his followers – to comfort them and share with them a little about what was up ahead for him – and for them.

Have you ever known someone who was on a difficult journey in their lives and yet they took the time to comfort others too?

hearat shaped door
Jesus is the Door to the Father

This week, we are walking through John 16.

What I felt as I started reading this morning?  Oh how Jesus loves you and me!

“I have told you this so that you would not surrender to confusion or doubt. For you will be excommunicated from the synagogues, and a time is coming when you will be put to death by misguided ones who will presume to be doing God a great service by putting you to death. And they will do these things because they don’t know anything about the Father or me. I’m telling you this now so that when their time comes you will remember that I foretold it. I didn’t tell you this in the beginning because I was still with you. But now that I’m about to leave you and go back to join the One who sent me, you need to be told. Yet, not one of you are asking me where I’m going. – John 16:1-5 (TPT)

As I read the first verse from John 16, I couldn’t help but see how these words speak to me today.  We are seeing it happening within churches today.  People who are misguided and presume that they are doing God a great service by attacking his children. People who are stuck in religion and haven’t truly found a relationship with the Heavenly Father.  With Jesus.  With the Holy Spirit.

Jesus was talking about the world and yet he also put the leaders of religion in that group too!  Warnings!  Jesus was warning this small band of believers that they would be crushed by those who claimed to know the Father.

This alone, speaks loudly to religion.  Religion kills.  Religion crushes.  Religion thinks one is doing a great service for God.

Relationship.  In relationship, one grows up.  You get to know one another.  You encourage.  In relationship, one can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit within them.

Jesus came to bring relationship.  He came to show us how to love one another.  He came to show us that we can be transformed into his likeness.  But we must be willing to allow the Holy Spirit to do his job – the one that Jesus talked about with his first followers.

Cling to Jesus.  He is the Way, the Truth, the Life.  And no one gets to the Heavenly Father through any other door.  Jesus is the Door.

Some times we need little reminders.  And this is how I feel about the song I share today.  We hurt one another along the way in our life’s journeys – some intentional – some not.  And yet, at times we can’t seem to find the words to share to say how sorry we are for those past hurts.

But we grow up.  Some times God allows bumpy roads along the way to wake us up.  Let him wake you up to newness of life.  He waits.  He loves.  He cares.

I’m Not Who I Was


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