Your. Word. Is. Truth.

Today, we live in a world that waters down truth.  For some, they are allowed to lie and get away with it and they think it is okay.  There are even those who believe it is okay for these lies to stand as truth – or at least to be ignored.

47218032 - jesus with the word "i am the way the truth and the life"

How did we get to this place?

By ignoring God’s Truth.  By taking the Words of God and changing them to fit the moment.  It goes much deeper still.  But that is for another time.

Today.  Today we journey through a few short verses from John 17:


“Your Word is truth! So make them holy by the truth. I have commissioned them to represent me just as you commissioned me to represent you. And now I dedicate myself to them as a holy sacrifice so that they will live as fully dedicated to God and be made holy by your truth.”  – John 17:17-19 (TPT)


Do you believe that God’s Word is Truth?

If not, then you still do not know Truth.  You are still caught up in the lies – the hatred – the unbelief of this world.

It is the Truth that sets you free.  There is no other way to live free.  Without Truth, we remain slaves.

My song:

When this song came out a few years ago, my life was changed.  I realized that I no longer had to live as a slave to this world.  In the church where I attended and participated in “prayer night” at church, this song started changing lives.  I watched as youth was touched by the Holy Spirit and sang this song – believing the words.  BUT, the enemy entered into the hearts of a few fearful people and finally destroyed these “prayer nights.”  It is amazing what fear does to even believers.  I pray that these words will be a revelation to you about freedom – about knowing Truth.

Live for Him.

No Longer Slaves

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