Somebody’s Praying For Me

Somebody. Is. Praying. For. Me. And. That. Somebody. Is. Jesus.

Jesus. Prays. For. You. For. Me.

Today, our 40-day journey ends with Jesus praying for us.  His last words before he went to the Cross.

praying child
Praying for you and for me.

Power. Words. Love. Words. For. You. For. Me.

John 17:20-26:

“And I ask not only for these disciples, but also for all those who will one day believe in me through their message. I pray for them all to be joined together as one even as you and I, Father, are joined together as one. I pray for them to become one with us so that the world will recognize that you sent me. For the very glory you have given to me I have given them so that they will be joined together as one and experience the same unity that we enjoy. You live fully in me and now I live fully in them so that they will experience perfect unity, and the world will be convinced that you have sent me, for they will see that you love each one of them with the same passionate love that you have for me.  Father, I ask that you allow everyone that you have given to me to be with me where I am! Then they will see my full glory— the very splendor you have placed upon me because you have loved me even before the beginning of time. You are my righteous Father, but the unbelieving world has never known you in the perfect way that I know you! And all those who believe in me also know that you have sent me! I have revealed to them who you are and I will continue to make you even more real to them, so that they may experience the same endless love that you have for me, for your love will now live in them, even as I live in them!” (TPT)

Jesus prayed for the birth of His Church.  And one interesting treasure to me, is how he speaks of “UNITY.”

Unity is the key.  Experiencing  the glory of God that Jesus had imparted to us.  Jesus shares his glory with us.  Why?  Because we are one.  One through the blood of Jesus.

And we may also experience the same endless love that God has for his Son, Jesus.

First and foremost, it is important to know and understand God’s Word.  Then it is important to experience God’s Word. Without experience, we miss out on the glory.  The glory of Jesus.

As you journey through your day, remember this prayer that Jesus prayed for you – for me.  And take this one deep into your soul – he still prays for us this very day.

My song.  Today the song is about prayer.  Listen closely to the words.  Because somewhere out in the world today, there is someone on their knees and they are praying for you and for me.

Somebody’s Praying For Me





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