Window Appeal

Window Appeal.  That is what I woke up saying this morning at 5:30.

What?  What did I say?

What is God speaking to me today?

Everyone has probably heard the term “Curb Appeal.”  But have you ever heard of window appeal?

So what was God saying to me?  I get up and get a cup of coffee and venture into my office and then I ask Him – “What are you trying to teach me today?”

His Response:  “How much of my Son, Jesus, do others see in you?”

Wow!  I really woke up then!  I have my work cut out for me today.

I am reminded of a picture window in a home that we once lived in – on the mountain tops near Columbus, Montana.  We could see several mountain ranges from our cabin: Beartooth Mountains – The Crazies – and a couple of more on a clear day.

5532903 - view of alpine wildflowers along the beartooth highway in wyoming.
View of the Beartooth Mountains

What do others see in me on a clear day?  A cloudy day?

Do they see more and more of Jesus as I grow older – as I am transformed more into His likeness?

In my daily devotion this morning as I walk through #100daystobrave – I am on day 68.  When pain heals.  Surgery hurts – but it heals.

God does surgery on us from time to time – to cut away those hurtful things that have sprouted up in our lives – revealing sin and darkness that has come into our lives.  Sometimes we stop trusting Him – thinking that He is not trustworthy – so we stay in our pain and our hurts – broken.

But when we allow Him to come into our lives and transform us – healing can take place.  Yes, it may hurt for awhile – but oh the benefits when we are healed.

What do others see in you today?  What type of window appeal are you showing others?

Let His light shine through you today.

My Song:  Are you trusting in Him today?  Do you believe in Him?  Allow Him space in your heart today.  Let Him bring healing to your soul.


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