In-House Fighting

In my early morning hours with the Heavenly Father, I was given these words:

In-House Fighting

Interesting and yet it is not unusual.

I have been walking slowly through the book of Isaiah and with each day that passes, I am amazed how the Father speaks in these words.  Today, I just finished chapter nine and it continues to be paralleled with today’s messes in our Country.

In this chapter, it speaks of the rebellion – hatred – wickedness that is destroying a nation.  The wicked had become their own “fuel for the fire.” There was no compassion.  Literally devouring one another.

Fire and Eagle and Keys

As I finished reading the end of this chapter, my heart was heavy.  Oh the bitterness that rages in our land – the In-House Fighting that is going on.

Why are our leaders destroying our land – each other?  Why do they continue to ignore the people?  The people who voted for them?

Washington, D.C. needs an army of “grandmas” to infiltrate the city on the hill and sit down some foolish people who have forgotten what their job is!  Some of these fools actually think they are some type of “god!”

Civil War.  That is what is up ahead for us.  If you can even stand to read what is called “news,” one can actually see what many are doing – trying to stir up civil unrest.

At times, we forget that our God is Holy.  And there is no doubt in my mind that He is not happy with His Children right now!  At what point will we say, “enough is enough?”  That we stand up against this In-House Fighting going on in our Country.

A thought for today:  Have you become a “fuel for the fire” and no longer showing compassion and love for one another?

The Heavenly Father will not remain silent much longer with this wickedness and foolishness.  There is a time coming when He will say that is enough!  Do we really want to go there?

My Song:  Words to remind us of who God is.  There is none like Him.  He is holy. Let us not forget.



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