Tattletale. Tattle-tail. 

Which one is the the tattle-tail?


Looks can be deceiving. SO be careful.

One of these two has started tattling on the other one.  It wasn’t something that started in their younger years.  They are both 12 years old – so in human years that is 84 years old.

Yes, this one took a long time to get to this point.  We were well aware of the one who is always seeking trouble.  Knowing when she does things, there might be a good chance she gets caught, but she is willing to take her consequences.

So, which one is the tattle-tail?

The tattle-tail first started coming to me to tell on the other one for not sharing their food.  They have been self-feeders since we got them. Now, after 12 years, she tells on the other one.

It’s rather humorous in the fact that she comes up and hits my legs and then casually looks over at the one hoarding the food and then back up at me.  Yep! So now they both know and understand the word, “share.”

Then came the next scenario, the tattling on taking trash out of the bathroom. In the very same manner as the “not sharing.”

The red one is Mugsy.  The black and white one is Mitsy.  Which one is the tattle-tail?

Mugsy has always been shy and afraid to speak up.  She is very submissive.  Mitsy has always been an “in your face” kinda dog.

So who is the tattle-tail?


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