Let The Travailing Begin


There has been a veil of deception over the Land – over the Globe that has been allowed to cover up God’s Truth. There have been many of God’s servants that have watered-down the Word of God. Taking His Words and adding new meaning to them.


Because of this deception – watering-down, the world suffers.

The enemy has come hard and heavy at the children, especially the wee babies waiting to be born. What have we become? Do we think we are the life-givers? That we say who lives – who dies?

Lord Yahweh, Commander of Angel Armies, declares today that there will be no more watering-down of His Words. Adonia declares today that His Word will be spoken in love and boldness. El Roi declares today to not be afraid of speaking words that correct or words that exhort for He sees the suffering.  For today, El Shaddai says to prepare your hearts for repentance and prepare for the days up ahead.

Open up the flood gates and let the travailing begin. This is the year of birthing.

Let us come under the wings of grace – of mercy – of love once again where it is safe. Let us return to Him boldly yet humbly. Let the travailing being.

My Song: Have we forgotten God? The Almighty One? Today, let us remember that He alone is God.

You Alone Are God

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