Yes! Invasions!

If you have had the opportunity to  read from past posts of mine, you already know that the Father speaks a lot to me through nature.  I live in an area that is forest-like near a lake. It is through the wildlife that I see visions – I see in the physical and spiritual realms.  And I always have the Word of God with me.

That said, there was an invasion of nature this morning.


Today is my “day off!”  More or less.  For there are many things to be done around the home. So I am not up as early as I am most mornings.

But the alarm sounded before 7!  A loud alarm! Something awakened Mitsy and Mugsy this morning (You can read about these two in the post tattle-tails).  There was no doubt that there was a break in the boundaries of our property! It was loud!  It was sharp! It was an “Arise! Now! For you have been invaded sound!”

I had an idea of what might have happened and I was right. I found two Canadian Geese outside jabbering below – what were they saying/ “Where’s the feed!”

And no! I do not put out feed for them!  I put out birdseed for the birds. But this year for some reason, this pair of geese, have decided to live near our home.  Hang out. Sun-bathing.

They are not the only ones who have invaded our home.  I have a pair of robins who decided to build a nest upon our front porch this year. The male comes to bang upon our bedroom window each morning and through out the day and even into the early hours of nightfall. They chase after the dogs.  They chase after the squirrels.

Then comes the mallard ducks.  Yes!  A pair of mallard ducks come for the day.  They love to swim in the stream down below, sunbathe, look for feed that falls from the bird feeders.

And let’s not forget the squirrels.  There are many baby squirrels this year.  We have one feisty female who comes to hang out near the bird feeder on the porch.  She sits in the bird feeder to keep away all others seeking food.  At the end of this morning’s invasion, I look out the back door window, onto our porch, and there she sits.  Her little paws crossing one another atop her belly, just staring back at me.  I open the door, she doesn’t run off, but just stares at me.  I say, “the kitchen is opened yet!” She stares about 10 seconds more and than leaves.

For some reason, the deer have not shown up this year.  Maybe one or two occasionally. I’m thinking they are preparing for little ones.  I will wait and see.

Now its 30-minutes later and I am sitting down with my cup of coffee and the Word to reflect on this invasion.  I am reading and meditating upon the book of Isaiah this year.  This morning, I opened up to the 21st chapter. AND guess what?  It is speaking of an invasion!  Yes, Adonai always takes me on adventures.  The setting is Babylon – modern day Iran on the Persian Gulf.  What is God speaking to Isaiah  Prepare! Birthing! Anoint your shields! For there is an invasion coming – a battle.

Yesterday, I posted a blog about travailing. It was bold, yet humble.  It was words that needed to be spoken. God is calling forth his prophets – his intercessors – his army. I was up last night with a churning stomach – sick through the middle hours of the night watch. And part of the words that I read this morning: “There’s a churning deep inside me, like labor pains of a woman about to give birth.” (Isaiah 21:3) TPT

I don’t know how God speaks to you – but he does speak to his children. In many ways. Stand upon His Word and open your eyes and heart to Him.  For it is time to enter the deep waters of the soul.

My Song: I found a new song this morning. Listen to the words.  Open up your heart and allow the floodgates of heaven to fill your parched soul this day. Listen. Allow Lord Yahweh to invade your heart this day.


Let The Travailing Begin



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