IF iHate

Today, the words of my Lord and Savior touched some sensitive spots in my life.  And I am thankful that I have already allowed him to start peeling away those layers of old flesh – of religion – of self.

What If
iLove instead of iHate

Is there someone out there in the world that you are hating for no reason?  Remember, there are certain things that we can hate because God hates them too.  Click on the link below to see:


Now, lets take a look at what Jesus has to say today:

If I had not come and revealed myself to the unbelieving world, they would not feel the guilt of their sin, but now their sin is left uncovered. If anyone hates me, they hate my Father also. If I had not performed miracles in their presence like no one else has done, they would not feel the guilt of their sins. But now, they have seen and hated both me and my Father. And all of this has happened to fulfill what is written in their Scriptures: They hated me for no reason.” – John 15:22-25 (TPT)

Take time today to read and let these words sink in – let God work in your heart – your soul today.

The word “IF” touched me today:

  1. IF I had not come, they would not feel the guilt of their sin
  2. IF they hate me, they also hate my Father.
  3. IF I had not performed miracles in their presence, they would not feel the guilt of their sins

Then “But Now”: they have seen and hated.  What happened was to fulfill what was written in “THEIR” Scriptures – they hated me for no reason.

There is much hate going on today.  To deny it would be wrong.  To say that you have the right to hate is wrong.  To get caught up in unbelief is wrong.

Another way to say, “they hated me for no reason,” in the Greek text would be:

“They hated my undeserved gifts.”


A gift that was undeserved was hated.  A gift greater than all others.

Have you allowed iHate to come into your life?  IF so, then you need to make it right.

I add a few reference verses today:

Psalm 35:19 and Psalm 69:4

Let’s start working on iLove today.  Let us start caring for one another and especially for those in the world who need a Savior.

My song.  Enjoy.  Let us lift up our Lord and our Savior today and praise His Holy Name:

How Great is our God



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